Is Your Horse Getting Enough Salt?

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Is Your Horse Getting Enough Salt?

Did you know an average 500kg horse has a daily requirement of at least 10 grams of sodium and 40 grams of chloride?

Even in the cooler months the two common electrolytes in salt, sodium and chloride, are critical to the function of numerous cellular processes within your horse’s body.

Unfortunately, a horse's salt requirements are not always met through forages and commercial feeds and therefore it is important to provide your horse with additional salt all year round.

Most horses will still need additional salt added to their diets during winter, particularly horses that are in work, as they will still be losing the electrolytes in salt through sweat.

Feeding salt during winter is also important as it help stimulate the thirst reflex and encourage water intake. When supplementing salt make sure to provide access to clean, fresh, readily available water, so your horse can regulate their salt levels.

Adding salt into your horse’s diet can be done by adding granulated salt into their daily feed or by providing an ad lib salt lick in their paddock or stable.

We have a range of salt options available instore and online, to help keep your horse in tip top shape and feeling great.