Meet our Brand Ambassadors: Jaimie Reardon

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Meet our Brand Ambassadors: Jaimie Reardon

Background/bio: I‘ve ridden horses all of my life. Growing up I worked at a riding school and a Quarter Horse stud, before getting my first horse at 14, she was a Welsh Mountain Pony. I went on to ride a Standardbred that I took to Pony Club. This is where my love for eventing started. As I got older, started to work and have children, riding took a bit of a back seat, however I owned a beautiful Quarter Horse, who was always dependable every time I wanted to go for a ride. She especially assisted me as I lost my nerve horse riding after I had the children and considered selling them all and stopping riding.

I was then given an older warmblood who gave me back my confidence competing.  As he got older, I purchased a 6 month old Stock Horse cross, Asham Swagman, who I trained and now compete at pre novice level eventing (dressage, cross country and eventing).

I do my training at Blue Metal Equestrian, where a number of talented coaches do training days and hold clinics. I also enjoy training Off the track thoroughbreds and currently have two in work. 

What discipline do you ride/compete in? Eventing at pre novice level and dressage. 

Tell us about your horse? Asham Swagman aka Saxon and I are currently competing in eventing at 80cm. He is a first cross Stock Horse. My thoroughbreds are still in training, and I am hoping to get them out later in the year.  

What’s been your biggest equestrian achievement to date? Competing at Sydney international three-day event.

What are you riding goals for 2022/2023? To get my Thoroughbreds out and about in some OTT competitions, to improve my dressage and training towards competing at novice level eventing in 2023.

What does it mean to you to be a Mustang & Co Brand Ambassador for 2022/2023? I am very proud to be selected as an Ambassador for Mustang & Co. The store carries a range of equipment that I require in my discipline.

I hope that I can be a role model to women returning to riding after having children, as I understand that it can be totally overwhelming and that your nerves are not as good as they were when you were 16!