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Groom-IT - 6 in 1 - Horse Brush - Sweat Scraper - Shedder

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Features: GroomIT - if there is one go to brush in your tack box then this is it.
Available in 3 great colours - Red, Blue & Black

1.   Blade free hair Shedder – The Groom-IT 6-in-1 has been purposefully designed to remove loose hair released from the skin naturally... without bristles or a blade. Guaranteed to improve the skin and coat!

2.   Sweat Scraper – for both after washing and removal of sweat and excess water, not anywhere as hard as those metal scrapers.

3.   Grooming – Face behind the ears, body, legs and rump areas. Like a magic trick, the edge feature lifts dirt from the skin up onto the coat where it stacks up in rows to be brushed to the ground. You will go looking for dirt!

4.   Massaging – a fantastic massage tool to warm and stretch muscles

5.   Embedded Dirt & Grime – has a diamond pad perfect for removing dried mud and sweat--purposely designed to not clog with dirt and hair like most curries and brushes. Just rinse to clean! Removal of dirt and grim from hard to reach areas that normal brushes can’t get to.

6.   Washing & Coat Shine – ideal tool to create lathering of shampoo when washing.

Coat Shine – once you have finished all of the above by using Groom-IT it gives your horses coat an amazing shine.

BONUS - use the Groom-IT to clean your saddle cloths in minimal time.  Using the edges of the grooming tool to get into the creases of the pad.

Product name: Horse brush
Material: ABS
Function: Horse grooming brush 
Color: Red, Blue, Black

Package includes:
1 piece - Horse grooming brush (packaging may vary to include a box or not)