Hidez - Equine Hind Leg Ice Compression Sock

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Hidez Seamless Ice Compression Socks are the ultimate leg treatment. Ice combined with compression is the best possible treatment for your horses legs. They are designed with 3 individual ice pockets for easy icing, meaning you can ice the whole leg from above the knee or hock to below the pastern joint, or simply ice only the part of the leg desired.

Hidez Seamless Ice Compression Socks are recommended for both prevention and treatment of injury:

- easy to put on and take off with Velcro and zipper fastenings

- treatment of leg from above the hock to below pastern joint

- sock panels are cut and sewn to contour to your horses legs

- reduces swelling and inflammation

- increases blood circulation to assist rehabilitation from injuries

- speeds up recovery time for muscle and soft tissue injuries and soreness

- comfortable to wear without restricting movement

- can be worn for extended periods of time

- manufactured from an extremely breathable moisture management fabric

- will not overheat, even in extreme temperatures

- holds dressings in place for healing from surgery, cuts, scrapes and scratches

- secured by Velcro strap and will not slip down

- protects from insects

- machine washabl


SIZE - Medium 15-16 hh