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in-take Feed and Water Enhancer for Horses 1 Litre

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Formulated with natural flavours and sweeteners to enhance the palatability of feed and water promoting optimal in-takes.

in-take is stevia based and contains zero sugars or carbohydrates, which makes in-take perfectly safe for horses and ponies who suffer from metabolic issues.

in-take is a perfect replacement for molasses as it is far easier to handle and easy to store in the truck for those trips away.


Where to use:

When horses are travelling they often don’t drink as much as thy should which can lead to dehydration. Travel stress and changing water sources, poor water quality can be a factor in this but using in-take can help maintain consistency in flavour and taste

Add to water after strenuous activity to ensure maximum water in-take

Add to feed when changing feeds or for fussy eaters

A perfectly safe liquoricey treat for your horse


Feeding Instructions:

10-50ml per feed

10-50ml per 5L of water


Add to feed or water and mix thoroughly.
Shake bottle before use.





Natural Aniseed flavour

Potassium Sorbate

Citric Acid anhydrous