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Joseph Lyddy - Tru Blue Medicated Spray 500ml

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Joseph Lyddy True Blue II Spray is a quick drying, antiseptic and antifungal spray designed as an aid to the treatment of skin abrasions, chafes and cuts in horses and ponies.


  • Antiseptic, antifungal spray for horses

  • Quick drying formula

  • Suitable as an aid to treatment of minor skin abrasions, chafes and cuts

  • Australian owned and made product

Directions: Spray affected area daily or twice daily until healing is complete. Follow packaging safety directions carefully. Caution: will stain clothing.

A pioneer of horse and saddle care products in Australia, Joseph Lyddy began his business in Victoria in 1893. Over a century later, Joseph Lyddy products are still widely used by horse owners around Australia to enhance both the appearance and performance of their horses, a testament to their quality, safety and effectiveness.