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Leather Phone Case Holder - Belt

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Ideal PU leather phone case for wearing or hanging on your belt. Loop through your belt or simply clip it onto the keep of your pants. A secure magnetic closure to keep your phone secure.
Please see measurements to see if your phone will fit.  Photos are true to size.
Colours: Black, Tan & Red Wine
Style: Mens or Ladies (Unisex) Phone Holder
Material: Leather
Special Features: Magnetic closure
PU Leather Waist Pouch Belt Bag (Double Pockets)
Material: PU leather
Product Size: 18.4*10.2cm
Applicable 4.7/5.2/5.5/6.4/6.5 inch
Mobile Phone Models Large pocket practical size: 16*8*1.5cm Small pocket practical size: 14.5*7.2*1.2cm
1. The largest pocket of the mobile phone bag can hold a mobile phone within 6.5 inches. 
2. Equipped with detachable and durable belt hook clip, which can rotate 360 ​​​​degrees flexibly. You can hang the case on your pants, backpack or other bag with loops.
3. High quality leather construction, well stitched, seam sealed, durable and beautiful.