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Nagz Bags

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Assortment of bags and colours, from horse feed, to chicken feed

One-Off Designs

Each Nagz Bag is different… no two are alike! The magic is matching the inner lining with the outside bag… and to “top” it off… each bag is top stitched with a different embroidered pattern..  Triple stitched across the handles so they remain strong and live long!  

Made to Last

So here’s the bottom line.. Nagz Bagz are strong..  You figure.. if the original bag carries 25kg+ of stock feed, your groceries are lightweight in comparison.  Store bought reusable bags are nowhere near as durable.. why?  Then you have to buy more! One Nagz Bag will last you over 5 years! Guaranteed!  .


Versatility was paramount in our design! Nagz Bagz are reversible. That’s right, you can turn them inside out and they are just as attractive… and waterproof! Carry your cold groceries, your muddy boots, your dirty laundry swim gear gym gear… you name it!  If the interior lining gets stained.. that’s OK just hand wash it and hang to dry and as good as new!  No other bag on the market compares!