Showcraft - Pro 250 - 250 Watts Horse & Cattle Clippers

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The Showcraft Pro 250 is a professional single speed clipper with a powerful 250 watts mains powered motor.

Designed for horses, cattle and large dogs the clipper runs at a quiet 68 decibels.

CE approved with S.A.A. approved electrical cord & plug and EMC certification.

Supplied in a sturdy carry case the Pro 250 is supplied with two complete blade sets made with the same fitment system as used on most major clipper brands.

The standard 1mm blade set, which gives a close 1 -2 mm clip length , comes assembled on the clipper, along with a spare 3mm blade set which gives a longer 3 -4 mm clip length.

Plus *lubricating oil * cleaning brush * special screwdriver * spare pair of carbon brushes * operating manual with warranty.

12 Months local warranty covers any mechanical or electrical manufacturing defects. Simply contact the store where purchased along with receipt or proof of purchase.