Virbac - Flyaway 500ml

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Kills and repels flies and nuisance insects#.
Concentrated formula.
Can be applied to horse and surroundings for integrated fly and nuisance insect control.
Aids in the control of Queensland Itch*.
Pleasant lavender smell.

Fast knockdown and repellent for bush flies, house flies, stable flies, midges and sandflies.
Sustained effect which makes it more economical to use with less applications.
Use on horses and multiple surfaces.

Flies and other insects can be a major concern for horses and their owners. The most effective way to deal with fly related issues is to kill the existing insects and deter others from returning. This is best achieved by using FLYAWAY, an effective and easy to use product.
Kills flies and nuisance insects
The active ingredients in FLYAWAY are highly effective insecticidal compounds. Permethrin is considered the most effective active registered to kill flies, more so than pyrethrin#, making FLYAWAY the serious fly solution.
Piperonyl butoxide and N octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide when combined with permethrin act synergistically to prolong and intensify insecticidal activity#.
N octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide acts as a synergist with DEET to increase the potency of DEET’s repellent activity#.
Repels flies and nuisance insects
FLYAWAY provides effective repellent activity to deter insects from landing on or around animals.
Diethyltoluamide, more commonly known as DEET, is one of the most effective insect repellent compounds available.